Each of the character ‘kits’ from Al-Qadim corresponds to a ‘mode’ in Fate. The modes that are readily available are:

Fighter Modes

1. Askar – warriors for hire of the settlements of Zakhara; civilized fighters
2. Corsairs – seaborne warriors
3. Desert Riders – nomadic fighters skilled in riding (horse or camel) and combat
4. Farisan – holy warriors
5. Mamluks – slaves bred for combat

Magic Modes

1. Sorcerors – common practitioners of universal magic
2. Elemental Mage – wizards who derive their powers from a single element (land, air, fire, water)
3. Sha’ir – Sages who are skilled in negotiating and bartering with the fickle genies for power and services

Thief Modes

1. Sa’luk – traveling thief
2. Barbers – scoundrels that prowl the bazaars plying their various trades (knife sharpening, grooming, tailoring, etc.)
3. Beggars
4. Holy Slayers – the Ash Hassin; religious zealots who slay at the behest of their gods
5. Matruds – outcasts from the hinterlands who wander Zakhara (tribal outcasts)
6. Merchants
7. Rawuns – storytellers and bards

Priestly Modes

1. Pragmatists – wandering priests
2. Ethoists – temple priests
3. Moralists – military priests
4. Hakima – wizened women of faith
5. Kahin – Idol priests (totemic faith)
6. Mystic – independent priests that are not associated with an orthodox faith.


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